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Handling the Undead (2024) Streaming

Handling the Undead (2024)
Handling the Undead is a Swedish horror film directed by Thea Hvistendahl. The film follows a small town in Sweden that is suddenly plagued by a mysterious phenomenon in which the dead begin coming back to life. As the town struggles to cope with this terrifying new reality, a group of characters must confront their own fears and desires as they try to find a way to handle the undead and prevent further chaos from spreading. With elements of suspense, drama, and horror, Handling the Undead explores the moral and emotional dilemmas that arise when faced with the unexplainable and the unknown. Voir film Handling the Undead (2024) streaming complet en HD 720p, Full HD, 4K gratuit et illimité dans le temps vidéos en VF, VOSTFR.
Handling the Undead (2024) Streaming Complet Gratuit
Handling the Undead (2024)

Titre original:

Håndtering av udøde streaming VF

Qualités: HD
Nationalité: Norvège, Suède
Réalisé par: Thea Hvistendahl
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