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All we imagine as light (2024)"All we imagine as light" is a 2019 Indian experimental documentary film directed by Payal Kapadia. The film follows the story of a young woman named Dipti, who is studying at a film institute in Pune. Through letters and diary entries, Dipti narrates her experiences and struggles as she navigates through love, loss, longing, and the complexities of life in a changing society.

As Dipti immerses herself in the world of cinema and storytelling, she begins to question her own identity and place in the world. The film explores themes of memory, perception, and imagination, blending fiction with reality to create a poetic and visually stunning meditation on the power of storytelling and the search for meaning in a chaotic world.

Through a combination of archive footage, voiceovers, and dreamlike visuals, "All we imagine as light" offers a unique and intimate glimpse into the inner world of a young woman on a journey of self-discovery. The film challenges traditional narrative structures and invites viewers to reflect on their own perceptions of reality and the ways in which we construct meaning in our lives. Voir film All we imagine as light (2024) streaming complet en HD 720p, Full HD, 4K gratuit et illimité dans le temps vidéos en VF, VOSTFR.
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All we imagine as light (2024)

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Qualités: HD
Nationalité: France, Inde, Luxembourg, Pays-Bas
Réalisé par: Payal Kapadia
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